Online slots are no doubt the most crucial part of an online casino, for the primary reason that they are the main player attraction. It is no surprise, therefore, that the sector of online slots is growing at a rapid rate. For more information, visit

Types of Online Slots

There are two major types of online slots; classic and video slots. Classic slots are an improved version of the fruit machines that were common in brick and mortar casinos. They are simple and mainly make use of numbers and fruits as their main game symbols,

On the other hand, video slots are a little bit complex compared to classic ones. They feature intricate graphics, innovative animations, and excellent sound effects, factors that make them engaging. Their symbols are diverse, with some of the popular being movie characters, animated films, and animals.

  • The main types of online slots are classic and video slots
  • Video slots can either have fixed or progressive jackpots

Fixed Jackpot Online Slots

Slots are immersive as well as rewarding. They're simple to understand and as a result, can be played by novice and experienced players alike. Before playing these games, it is important to have an idea of the kind of jackpots to expect. First, there are fixed jackpot slots.

Slots under this category are also referred to as non-progressive slots. With this type of slots, the maximum amount that you can win is fixed. Usually, game developers indicate the maximum amount that can be won, with casinos having no authority to alter this amount.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

These games are fit for players who fancy big wins. Progressive jackpots are video slots whose the amount that a player can win increases with each wager that players place into them. The amounts can sometimes reach heights that are worth millions of pounds/dollars.

Progressive jackpots are sometimes referred to as jackpot online slots. The games are sought after by many players and many casinos are already aware of this. They have dedicated a tab labelled 'Progressive Jackpots' on their websites to enable you to locate the games with ease.

  • Players love progressive jackpot since they have a high reward
  • The prize for fixed jackpots remains the same regardless of how frequently it has been won.

Online Slots with Multiple Jackpots

It is common for some progressive jackpot online slots to have multiple jackpots. These comprise of a progressive jackpot network and usually have titles like Mini, Midi, and Mega. The prizes often vary from one slot to another, with possibilities to win hundreds to tens of millions

If you want to play progressive jackpots, you should keep in mind that they may cost more than the regular online slots. The minimum wager amount can be higher for these slots. Besides this, you may be required to wager the maximum amount to increase chances of winning.

  • Progressive jackpots can have a Mini, Midi, and Mega jackpot network.

Try Your Luck in Online Slots

Whether you choose to play classic or video slots, one thing that is certain is that you will have an interesting experience. The games are easy and follow simple rules, making them suitable for even novice players. On top of this, they have friendly bet limits.

This makes the games fit for both low and high-roller players. You also have the option of trying put games with either fixed or progressive jackpots. If you are after life-changing wins, you can give progressive jackpot a try since they usually pay out in millions.